PC Strand

PC Strand

  • Galvanized Wax Coated Sheath PC Strand

    Galvanized Wax Coated Sheath PC Strand

    This product is specially used for cable-stayed bridge. We organize raw material and production strictly in accordance with international general cable design, testing and installation requirements. It meet the specific requirements of ASTMA416, NFA35-035, XPA35-037-3: sliding protected and sheathed strand (p Type) and adherent protected and sheathed strand (SC type); the nominal diameter ranges from 12.5 to 15.7 mm;  galvanized and galvanized aluminum alloy; waxed anticorrosive and with high...
  • PC Galvanized (Aluminum) Strand

    PC Galvanized (Aluminum) Strand

    This product is applied to stay cables, main cables and anchoring systems of bridge cable structures, external cables of arch bridge slings and other pre-stressed structures that do not directly contact with concrete mortar. we have participated in the construction of many large cable-stayed bridges in China. The diameter of this product is 12.70mm, 15.20mm, 15.70mm, 17.8mm and it is low relaxation pre-stressed strand. The coated steel wire is further drew and stabilized by heat treatment, th...
  • PC Strand for LNG Tank

    PC Strand for LNG Tank

    This product is suitable for prestressed concrete structures of LNG storage tank projects and using in other low temperature environments. Its  structure is 1X7 and the nominal diameter is 15.20mm, 15.7mm&17.80mm. The allowable deviation of the diameter is carried out strictly as per+0.20mm, -0.10mm. The strength grade is 1860Mpa; the total elongation under maximum force (Agt) is required to be ≥5.0%; the fracture after breaking is plastic; the wire section reduction rate (Z) is ≥25%; the...
  • Plain, Spiral Rib and Indented PC Strand (2 wires, 3 wires and 7 wires)

    Plain, Spiral Rib and Indented PC Strand (2 wires, 3 wires and 7 wires)

    With 9 pc strand production lines, and the annual output 250,000 tons, Silvery Dragon is China’s first enterprise which exported PC strand in large quantity to Europe and America. Silvery Dragon has owned more than ten national quality Certificates from Japan, Norway, Bosnia and Herzegovina, South Korea, Australia and so on. From 2003 to 2020, Silvery Dragon had exported its products to 92 countries and the cumulative export quantity about 2 million tons.

  • Unbonded (Galvanized )PC Strand

    Unbonded (Galvanized )PC Strand

    It is twisted by plain round wire or galvanized wire. In the production line of un-bonded (galvanized) strand, firstly, the special anti-corrosion grease is coated on the strand surface for anti-corrosion and reducing friction between strand and sheath, then the molten high density polyethylene (PE) resin is wrapped outside of the strand and anti-corrosion grease, which is condensed and crystallized to form a sheath to protect strand from corrosion and prevent bonding with concrete. The stran...