Galvanized Wax Coated Sheath PC Strand

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This product is specially used for cable-stayed bridge. We organize raw material and production strictly in accordance with international general cable design, testing and installation requirements. It meet the specific requirements of ASTMA416, NFA35-035, XPA35-037-3: sliding protected and sheathed strand (p Type) and adherent protected and sheathed strand (SC type); the nominal diameter ranges from 12.5 to 15.7 mm;  galvanized and galvanized aluminum alloy; waxed anticorrosive and with high-density polyethylene sheath. The product is made of selected raw materials, organized and produced under strict process supervision. The wax amount, sheath shape and thickness are accurate. Mechanical and process properties are stable. Technical indexes, such as water tightness, initial friction resistance, adhesion retention under thermal change, the impact resistance, all can reach the standard satisfactorily. It has been exported in regular quantities to foreign markets.

Key parameters & reference standards

Strand Nominal Diameter mm SC Outer Diameter mm PE Sheath Thickness mm PE Massg/m Wax Mass g/m Zinc(Aluminum) Coating Mass g/m2 Nominal Tensile Strength Mpa Max. Force KN 0.1% Proof Force KN Elongation under Max. Force % Relaxation 1000/0.7 %
Min. Max.
12.5 15.3 16.7 ≥1.5 ≥65 5~18 190~350 1860 173 154 ≥3.5 ≤2.5
12.9 15.7 17.1 176 166
15.2 18.0 19.4 ≥80 260 260
15.7 18.5 19.9 279 248

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