PC Bar

PC Bar

  • Mine Supporting Big Diameter PC Bar

    Mine Supporting Big Diameter PC Bar

    PC bar for mine anchor cable (mine supporting big diameter PC bar) This product is heat-treated spiral rib bar with resin anchoring structure for mine anchor cable. Its specifications are φ16.0mm, φ18.0mm, φ20mm, and the tensile strength grade are 1080Mpa, 1270Mpa, and 1420Mpa. The product has the characteristics of high strength, high toughness, low relaxation, total elongation under maximum force Agt≥3.5% and impact absorption energy Akv/J≥32. Its shape is spiral rib. It is a new type of su...
  • Spiral Groove PC Bar

    Spiral Groove PC Bar

    Silvery Dragon is the earliest manufacturer of pc bar in China, and also the developer of spiral drawing and high-frequency heat treatment technology for PC bar. We also successfully developed various kinds of alloy wire rod for PC bar together with domestic steel mills. We export a lot to foreign markets, and also develop deep processing products which bring additional benefits. In 2008, we successfully developed pc bar for high-speed railway track plate and deep processing threaded pc bar. ...